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Little Tracks Petting Zoo

Little Tracks was Established in 2009 in the heart of Oxford County. We are a family run and operated business that started as a hobby with pony rides and show horses. Over the years we began to grow our business with different types of farm animals. Most of our animals have been givin to us, as the owners can no longer care for them. Some are brought to us sick or with injuries, which we try to nurse back to health. All our animals here on our farm spend there entire life with us, they become part of the family are treated just like it! Home to almost 100 animals, our goal is to educate the public on proper animal care and ownership. We believe if people knew all the facts before purchasing an animal, it would help them make an educated choice.

Tillsonburg Turtlefest

Turtlefest is Tillsonburg’s biggest community festival. Held every Father’s Day weekend, this three-day event encourages people from all over Ontario to come out of their shell and experience small-town living at its finest. 


Phone: 519.403.6352

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