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TurtleFest Tales 

TurtleFest is Tillsonburg's biggest community festival. Held every Father's Day Weekend, this event encourages people from ll over Ontario to come out of their shell and experience small-town living at its finest. 

Our festival draws its inspiration from Tillsonburg founder, George Tillson, who promised to return one day as a turtle to see how his town was prospering. 

Remarkably, a few years after George Tillson's death, a giant turtle appeared on the banks of Otter Creek. Remembering their founder's words, the citizens too "George" downtown so he could see the Tillsonburg's progress for himself.

More than 130 years later, the people of Tillsonburg remember George's words and take time each June to celebrate Tillsonburg's slow and steady ride form a hamlet along the Otter Creek to the thriving small town it has become.

About Us

Creating memories that last forever

TurtleFest is a community festival that returns year after year to bring Tillsonburg and surrounding areas together for a day full of family fun, tasty treats and great music!

Meet The Team

Each year, Tillsonburg TurtleFest is organized by a team of committed community volunteers, with assistance from the Town of Tillsonburg. ​

2024 TurtleFest Committee​​

Yvonne Kearns - Festival Director​

Carolyn Lamers (Country 107.3 Concert Lead)

Jason Collins

Kathleen Watkin (Annandale NHS Lead)

Mark Renaud

Mary Anne Van GeerTruyde

Randy Owen

Tabitha Verbuyst (Creative Imaginations Festival Lead)

Terry Fraser

Vanessa Fortner

If you're interested in helping bring this amazing event back next year, please contact We'd love to have you join us!

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